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CSDD: Reflective Safety Vests

Winters are very dark in Latvia. Not just practically, but statistically too. Hundreds of people get hit by cars and die on roads as they can’t be seen by drivers. A reflective vest would solve this problem, but, honestly, who wants to wear a green vest? We came up with a thought, filmed it, made one of the biggest viral hits (in Latvia, of course) and turned reflective vest into a fun thing you’ll love to wear.


– 7,500+ shares and 5200+ likes on Facebook
– 273,000+ views on Facebook
– 22,000+ views on Youtube
– articles on all biggest news portals and blogs

+ Baltic PR Awards 2016 / silver
+ Golden Hammer 2016 / social PR / silver
Adwards 2016 / PR / silver

And here’s the case study video.